For many years, Lucy concentrated on producing mainly abstract paintings and occasionally still produces paintings today – examples of these can be found scattered across the web and on the walls of other people’s homes following exhibitions in galleries. The introduction of affordable digital cameras then enabled Lucy to translate her previous experience into a new format and explore photography. It wasn’t long before she got hold of her first camera that could record HD video footage and that’s when this website was created.

As a Writer, Producer, Director or Editor – Lucy has a passion for filmmaking and enjoys collaborating with a wide variety of people in order to produce this work.

From 2010 – 2012, Lucy produced over 90 short documentaries on a wide variety of topics, most of which are available to view for free from this website. Some of these pieces are of a political nature and illustrate from a first hand perspective the many protests and demonstrations that occurred during this turbulent period of time within the UK. It is advised that you approach these pieces with discretion if you are of a sensitive nature.

At the end of 2012, Lucy created her first feature length production – Doc:Comedy. This film received cinema screenings while acting as a flagship film for the Doc:Film Festival at the end of that year.

Since the beginning of 2013, she has made a move into narrative film.

Her first two short films, a comedy and a political piece – ‘Fish’ and ‘Passing Time’ have competed in the Dave’s Comedy Festival Shorts and Sundance London short film competitions respectively.

Lucy then decided to continue with narrative films, but collaborate directly with musicians. Her third short film, was created for the band Muted Fnord: Tumbling

Her fourth short film was a horror made for the ‘666 Shortcuts to Hell’ competition: Sixth Sense.

The fifth short film – another narrative music video, was created for the musician Grace Petrie. A Hell of a Good Time was based upon the life of the renowned physicist Richard Feynman and the relationship with his childhood sweetheart.

Lucy’s sixth short film She Runs was created for the band ‘Grace and the Magic Roots’ in support of their new EP ‘Dawn’ and was released on April 5th, 2014. It was also selected to screen at ‘The Short Cinema’ film festival on August 27th 2014.


Current Projects

Lucy seventh short film will be a narrative music video for the New York based band ‘Miracles of Modern Science’. This is due to be released on August 21st 2014 and has already been selected to screen at the Pare Lorentz International Film Festival in West Virginia, USA from October 15 – 22nd 2014.

Her eighth and ninth films are also in the pipeline for Bristol and Paris based bands.

Combining her love of comedy and music, this summer will also see the release of a podcast, directed and edited by Lucy.


Future Work

With a PhD in Biological Sciences, Dr. Lucy Peel has accumulated over a decade’s worth of experience in project management. She has supervised many BSc and PhD students during this time, along with taking an active role in European wide projects such as AirProm. Working with people that speak different languages and bringing together people that have various areas of expertise is of great enjoyment for Lucy.

As briefly illustrated on this page, Lucy has successfully translated these skills to become an award winning, international prolific digital artist with experience in writing, illustration, production, recruitment, management, directing, editing, colour grading and promotion. Her online portfolio currently has over 650,000 views.

With competitive and flexible prices, Lucy can help you to develop your project from any stage and assist in the scheduling and planning of any aspect of your work.