For many years, Lucy concentrated on producing mainly abstract paintings and occasionally still produces paintings today – examples of these can be found scattered across the web and on the walls of other people’s homes following exhibitions in galleries.

The introduction of affordable digital cameras then enabled Lucy to translate her previous experience into a new format and explore photography. It wasn’t long before she got hold of her first camera that could record HD video footage and that’s when this website was created.

As a Writer, Producer, Director or Editor – Lucy has a passion for filmmaking and enjoys collaborating with a wide variety of people in order to produce this work.

From 2010 – 2012, Lucy produced 90+ short documentaries on a wide variety of topics, most of which are available to view for free from this website. Some of these pieces are of a political nature and illustrate from a first hand perspective the many protests and demonstrations that occurred during this turbulent period of time within the UK. It is advised that you approach these pieces with discretion if you are of a sensitive nature.

At the end of 2012, Lucy created her first feature length documentary. Exploring how the world influences a comedian’s work & how a comedian influences the world in which they live, Doc:Comedy received cinema screenings while acting as a flagship film for the Doc:Film Festival at the end of that year.



Over the past couple of years, Lucy has focused upon creating narrative films.

Looking Backward (2014)
– She’d seen it happen before. Now it was her turn… (currently offline while under festival submission)

Tensity (2014)
– In a moment of madness or clarity, Jake shows his true colours.

She Runs (2014)
– Feanaro went racing through an unknown land to find himself and others.

A Hell of a Good Time (2013)
– She was his first love and would remain close to his heart forever.

Sixth Sense (2013)
– The moment that Nathan had to choose between life & honesty.

Tumbling (2013)
– A chance encounter which leaves everything falling into ruins.

Passing Time (2013)
– A conversation held 50 years apart. Has anything changed?

Fish (2013)
– Time is running out and they need some water now!


Awards and Film Festivals

At the end of 2013, Lucy received an ‘Excellence in Direction’ award from Seven / Five productions, selected from a field of over 170 competitors. ‘A Hell of a Good Time’ was also awarded second place in the ‘People’s Choice’ Award at the same time.

She has recently started to submit her films to festivals around the world.

Her work has so far been selected to screen and is in competition at –

1) The Short Cinema
2) Music Malt Festival
3) Frightarama Film Festival
4) Pare Lorentz Film Festival
5) Glasgow Independent Film Festival
6) Best of Nature & Music Film Festival
8) Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival SFM
9) Three Cities Festival
10) Rendezvous Festival
11) Association for Civil Rights Studies Film Festival


Current and Future Work

Lucy is currently developing her first feature film ‘Looking Backward’, based on a short film which was completed in October 2014.

Another short film ‘Oats’ is also under development.

Combining her love of music and comedy, Lucy is also directing and editing a podcast which will act as a showcase for the abundance of talent in her home city of Leicester.

Lucy was also recently selected for the ‘4talent’ scheme with Channel 4.



Dr. Lucy Peel (PhD) has accumulated over a decade’s worth of experience in project management. She has supervised many BSc and PhD students during this time, along with taking an active role in European wide projects such as AirProm. Working with people that speak different languages and bringing together people that have various areas of expertise is of great enjoyment for Lucy.

As briefly illustrated on this page, Lucy has successfully translated these skills to become an award winning, international prolific digital artist with experience in writing, illustration, production, recruitment, management, directing, editing, colour grading and promotion.

Her online portfolio currently has over 730,000 views from 193 countries around the world.

With competitive and flexible prices, Lucy can help you to develop your project from any stage and assist in the scheduling and planning of any aspect of your work.